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KVAR - Reducing electrical waste and energy costs!

Save A Lot of EnergyThe KVAR Energy Controller stores lost and wasted electricity by reclaiming and recycling wasted electrical energy throughout your homes motor loads.

The KVAR unit then supplies the energy back to your home’s motors when needed. This causes your meter to slow down and use less kilowatt hours resulting in significantly lower monthly electric bills.

The KVAR Energy Controller box attaches to your home electrical panel or directly to large motor loads. The unit controls the flow of electrical energy by storing the electricity in the KVAR box until the appliance or motor needs it. How does this help you save money?

Electricity is no longer being wasted, the motors get what it needs to be efficient and uses only what is really needed not what is being sent.
Benefits of the KVAR Energy Controller

  • Save 6 - 30% On Your Electric Bill
  • Guaranteed Savings
  • Go Green by Recycling Your Wasted Electric Energy
  • Reduces your carbon footprint
  • Increases Life of Your Appliances
  • Provides Basic Surge Protection for Your Whole House
  • Installs In About An Hour
Your meter runs slower, less kilowatt hours are used resulting in a lower electrical bill.
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